Experienced-Focused Design

Hello, I’m Brian.

I am a Senior UI/UX Designer who loves Design.


Brian Clark is multi-disciplinary digital creative working in the Los Angeles area. For the last decade, he has designed award winning interactive products for global brands like Warner Bros. Future US, Yum! Brands, Burger King, California Pizza Kitchen, Connect With Bernie and many more.


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Visual Design

One key to great design is to instantly convey a message while giving a memorable experience. My visual style uses the fundamental principles of design and complements them with progressive functionality to create exceptional digital experiences.

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User Experience

The privilege to collaborate with top creative agencies and tech partners has shown me that great user experience is more than pursing one best practice but rather exploring an abundance of great solutions. My decade of experience has provided me with insights and awareness for creating scalable, ADA compliant products that work across global markets.

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My passion for visual arts began with hand drawing at an early age. Using the skills learned in figure drawing and typography studies, I am capable of creating digital or traditional hand done portraits, storyboards and product concepts in an array of styles.

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Motion Design

By fusing visual design, animation and storytelling, ideas can be illuminated to captivate an audience. Whether it be a self serve kiosk attract loop, rich media ad takeovers, or music videos, motion design has the power to create a buzz and drive conversions.

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Digital Strategy

The discovery phase allows me to submerge myself into a brands culture, personas and products. Once gaining an acute awareness for these factors, strategies can be formulated for crafting a meaningful experience that provides solutions for the consumer that elevate the brand.

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Inspiring Mentorship

Sharing my experience as a hands on specialist, I help facilitate a creative culture where each member builds skills to unveil their greatest work. I find pleasure in passing on ideas about design theory, best practices, creative applications and file organization. All which I have had the privilege of learning from the creative mentors in my own experiences.

“My design philosophy aims to bring my products to the intersection between great design, efficient problem­ solving, and effective communication.”